Summary Exercise Researching Various Industry Companies’ Environments


Summary Exercise Researching Various Industry Companies’ Environments SERVICE 2020 Important Dates Topic Selection: -advise Instructor via email Final Deadline: October 16, 5:59 p.m. OVERVIEW The purpose of this assignment is to identify and describe a business associated with the automotive aftermarket in Canada. Many people think only of vehicle dealers when considering the automotive industry. This assignment ensures that students learn about the largest sector of the automotive industry, its function and processes. The automotive aftermarket has been identified as an essential service in Canada, in contrast to the vehicle retail sector. The first step in this assignment requires you to identify your research target business and associate it with any of stages 4, 5 or 6 in the Automobile Life Cycle. Selected enterprises may be engaged in warehousing, distribution, wholesaling, retailing, automotive repair, collision repair or recycling. DO NOT research a manufacturing, remanufacturing, extraction or refining business or any other business best identified with stages 1, 2 or 3. This assignment is to be completed individually by each course participant. You must email the Instructor with the name and location of the company you propose to research. You must receive approval to research your selected business BEFORE you begin research. To get approval, contact Professor Jackson: EVALUATION You must meet each of the 31 parameters in the table to earn maximum marks. Maximum Parameter Marks Written Document and Cover Page – Structure & Format 1. Cover page with names (instructor, student & course) 2. Cover page includes dates (start & completion) and numbers (student & course) 3. Document is appropriately formatted (no blank pages) 4. Microsoft Word® used to prepare & submit the document (no other formats permitted) 5. Font size is appropriate (no larger than size 12) 6. Submitted to BOTH the Dropbox and Turnitin Report Content – Minimum Requirements 7. Length: minimum of 1,500 words 8. Loss of one (1) mark for each 100-word deficit or portion thereof 9. Includes headings and subheadings for Item 11 and 12 2 4 4 3 In-text Citations 18. Includes BOTH in-text citations and full (complete) citations for all sources 19. In-text citations match the first word in the corresponding full citations 20. Includes a citation for the source of content in the appendix Report Content & Critical Thinking 10. Includes mandatory items (see assignment outline description) 11. Describes the Traditional Channel of the aftermarket 12. Describes the Automobile Life Cycle 13. Discusses company brand and brand image 14. Limits cut & paste to less than 25% of content in the similarity index calculated by Turn-it-in 2 Appendices 15. Contains appendix (or appendices) of related content (graphs, charts, diagrams, pictures, etc.) 16. Refers specifically to OUTLOOK 2018 (or other AIA studies) and includes citation(s) 17. List of factoids is included 2 3 Acknowledgments 21. Citations are structured with “hanging” indents 22. Citations are alphabetized 23. Citations are NOT sequentially numbered; no numbering or bullets used in references 24. Citations are NOT highlighted with background colouring 25. DOES NOT include any “citations” that begin with http: or www. – these are URLs, not citations 26. All citations begin with the name of an author or website 27. Used the Citation Machine ( to prepare citations 28. Website addresses (where appropriate) are found at the end of the citation, not the beginning Communication Skills 29. Written communications skills: grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation 30. Document has been proofread and spell-checked 31. Professional language usage is demonstrated throughout the document Manufacturer & Manufacturers Use of manufacturer & manufacturers – loss of 1% for every use of “manufactures” -1 REQUIREMENTS FOR UPLOADING YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Carefully review each item to ensure compliance. 1. Upload two (two) copies of your assignment upon completion. This earns marks. Upload one completed copy of your assignment into the Dropbox (first upload) and one completed copy (exact match) of your assignment into Turnitin (second upload). Review the uploading instructions found via the ‘Assignments’ link in the left side panel on Blackboard for detailed uploading instructions. Prof. J. Jackson AUTO1000 Automotive Business School of Canada CONCEPTS OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY 2. You will have one (1) opportunity to upload a file to Turnitin. Upload your file 24 hours before the Final Posted Deadline for this assignment. Turnitin can take up to 24 hours to process your file. If you wait until the last minute to upload your work, you may find yourself waiting for the Turnitin report. Therefore, ensure that you upload a copy of your assignment into the Dropbox BEFORE uploading a copy to Turnitin. 3. DO NOT use Turnitin to “check” your level of similarity before submitting a final copy. REQUIREMENTS FOR MARKS: Carefully review each item to ensure compliance. 4. Prepare a 1,500-word (minimum) (five or six pages) written profile of an aftermarket enterprise with physical facilities located in CANADA or registered as a Canadian business. The instructor will check this parameter. 5. Write it in your own words with a minimum amount of cut & paste from the sources you use. Words earn marks; don’t come up short on words. You should exceed the minimum number of words in your document. Use the ‘word count’ feature of your word processor to determine the number of words. 6. There are eight (8) items of information to be included on your cover page. Prepare a cover page that includes your name, student number, course number, course name, date you began work on the assignment, date of submission, Instructor’s name and title of your document. This earns marks. 7. Use only Microsoft Word® to prepare your document. Other file formats will be ignored and your mark will be ‘0’. 8. Identify the type of business you are examining. Use the Automobile Life Cycle diagram to identify your selected enterprise according to the stage(s) in which the business operates and explain the relationship of your business with others using the diagram. You should include a brief description of the Automobile Life Cycle. 9. The enterprise MUST be a Canadian enterprise. (see instructor if you are not certain) 10. Note any potential employment opportunities that may be offered at the business. Obtain information regarding possible ABSC Co-op placements at this enterprise. 11. Who are the typical buyers of the company’s products? 12. Integrate something you have learned from Outlook 2018 or other industry studies provided by the instructor. Be sure to cite this information so that the Instructor can acknowledge your effort and award marks. Make connections (at least 1) between your target business or enterprise and what you’ve learned in the Outlook Study. Connections earn marks. 13. Describe the Traditional Channel of the automotive aftermarket by explaining the three-step distribution system used in Canada to distribution automotive products. Describe where your target business fits into the Traditional Channel. 14. Provide details on the background of the business, including its history. Provide information regarding the number of employees and the general size and scope of the enterprise. Prof. J. Jackson AUTO1000 Automotive Business School of Canada CONCEPTS OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY 15. Describe the marketing of the product(s) or services offered/produced by the business. DO NOT describe the products themselves. Be sure you talk about the marketing of the enterprise, its products and services. 16. Discuss the company’s brand and its brand image. OPTIONAL ELEMENTS The following items list some suggestions for additional (but optional) information you may wish to include in your report. It is expected that you will not be able to include all of the information you gather about your enterprise in your report. You must select the most important items of information to include. 17. Describe the emphasis (if any) the company has on formal employee training and education and at what level(s) in the organization this is emphasized. 18. Information technologies have changed the face of the automotive aftermarket. Discuss one key information challenge that has been met by your selected enterprise. 19. The Web has made it possible for suppliers and service dealer systems to integrate for efficiency. Discuss the kinds of challenges this poses for your particular business and describe/discuss the web exposure of the enterprise. 20. Discuss any ‘green energy’ commitments of the business. Describe any waste elimination or reduction processes used by the business. 21. What competitors are in the company’s competitive space? Are there any technological or other ‘barriers’ that restrict or limit competitors? 22. What is the company’s identifiable competitive position as demonstrated in its marketing efforts for some (at least one) of its products? Which of three competitive values does the company emphasize in its product/service marketing? Provide example(s). 23. Does the company have a geographic focus or a focus on particular lines of products? RESTRICTIONS For the purposes of this assignment, reports involving the following businesses are not permitted. These businesses are associated with the OES Channel. It is recognized that significant components of these businesses involve the automotive aftermarket. Some of them are substantial aftermarket enterprises. However, their close relationship with new and used vehicle manufacturing and retailing tends to cause students to report on vehicle retailing rather than aftermarketing. New/Used Vehicle Dealership Parts & Service New Vehicle Manufacturing and Assembly Plants New/Used Vehicle Dealership Collision Repair Internet Vehicle Retailers Retail Vehicle Ad Agencies Specialized Vehicle Modifiers Do not research or report on a vehicle assembler or vehicle manufacturing company. ELIGIBLE BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS Prof. J. Jackson Automotive Business School of Canada AUTO1000 CONCEPTS OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize participants in the course with an automotive aftermarket enterprise identified with any of stages 4, 5 or 6. The enterprise you choose will be identified as one of the following: Automotive retailer (but not a vehicle dealer) Small, local, perhaps family-run garage or automotive business Internet Parts Distributor Installer Mass Merchandiser Service Station Transportation Supplier Importer or Exporter Buying Group Specialty Installer Automotive Service Dealer Recycler or Rebuilder Specialty Aftermarket Retailer Jobber Wagon Jobber Collision Repair Business Warehouse Distributor APPENDICES, SOURCES, CITATIONS AND FACTOIDS: Carefully review each item to ensure compliance. 24. Your assignment should reference a minimum of three (3) sources of information. Place an “in-text” citation following the content in your assignment that you obtained from each source. This is required for both direct quotes as well as for paraphrased content. This earns marks. 25. Include an appendix (or ‘appendices,’ if you have more than one) to illustrate information related to your target business. Your appendix (appendices) may include a picture, chart, diagram, drawing, graph or other information that is attached or included after your page (or list) of references. Appendices may also feature product lists, advertising examples, marketing data or technical data. For each item in your appendix, prepare a citation and include it in your list of “References.” Do not place the citation below or near the picture, chart, etc.; the citation will be included in your “References.” You will receive marks for including an appendix. 26. DO NOT include lists of product categories and brand names in your report unless the list is attached as an appendix. You will lose marks for taking up space in the body of your report with a list. 27. Your document will include a list of factoids in addition to an appendix. This is information that may be displayed as an itemized list or series of bullets. You should categorize your factoids when appropriate. This earns marks. 28. DO NOT simply attach a chart, graph or list of factoids to the end of your paper and fail to inform your readers, in the body of your work, what the information illustrates. 29. Use headings and subheadings where appropriate. This earns marks. Prof. J. Jackson AUTO1000 Automotive Business School of Canada CONCEPTS OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY 30. Use the Citation Machine – ( ) to prepare your citations and save time for eating pizza. The Citation Machine also conveniently produces “in-text” citations that you can copy and paste. It is your responsibility to learn how to prepare these citations when producing academic work. This earns marks. 31. Prepare a list of references to be included at the end of your document. The list should appear before your appendices. Use a heading such as “References” or “List of References.” This earns marks. 32. Match (exactly) the first word in each “in-text” citation with the first word in the “References.” When the instructor evaluates your assignment, the first word in each “in-text” citation should also be the first word in the full citation in your “References.” This earns marks. 33. Protect yourself and the value of your work by including “in-text” citations for the content you acquire and use. Your “in-text” citations are a form of insurance. Failure to use “in-text” citations (in addition to full citations) can lead to a complete loss of marks in this assignment. 34. Prepare a citation for EACH information source, adding items to your list every time you use a new source of information. This will save you an enormous amount of time later on trying to remember and re-locate your sources of information. 35. Organize your References alphabetically. This earns marks. 36. DO NOT use bullets, numbers or highlighting for your citations. The order of citations in your “References” does not need to match the order in which the references appear in your assignment. This earns marks. 37. DO NOT write any citations that begin with “http” or “www.” These are not citations; they are Universal Resource Locators (URLs). Website URLs appear at the end of a citation, not at the beginning. All citations will begin with an author’s name or the name for a publication or website – but never with the URL for a website. You will lose marks for the entire assignment if you use only URLs without citations. This earns marks. 38. Prepare each item in your “References” with a “hanging indent.” This earns marks. 39. When referring to businesses that make physical products, use the word “manufacturer” effectively: DO NOT use “manufactures” – use manufacturer or “manufacturers” – you will lose a mark for each instance where “manufactures” is used to describe vehicle manufacturers. Use professional language suitable for the automotive industry. 40. Use a sans-serif font (Arial, Verdana, Tahoma) no larger than size 12; use single-spaced or double-spaced and justified paragraphs. This earns marks. Use spell check often and do a complete spelling and grammar check before submitting your file. There are marks for communication skills in the evaluation. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: Carefully review each of the following items to ensure compliance. 41. Review the item “APA Writing and Citing Guide” via the “Procedures and Policies” link in the left side panel. Prof. J. Jackson AUTO1000 Automotive Business School of Canada CONCEPTS OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY 42. Review the item “References, Citations and Bibliographies” found via the “Procedures & Policies” link in the left side panel on the course site. It is your responsibility to learn how to prepare citations when producing academic work. 43. Review the item “The Invisible Pink Unicorn” found via the “Procedures & Policies” link in the left side panel on Blackboard. This short essay provides examples of how to use both in-text citations and complete citations. 44. Review the “Common Knowledge and Controversial Knowledge” item found via the “Procedures & Policies” link in the left side panel on the course site. It is your responsibility to learn how to distinguish common knowledge from controversial knowledge. When in doubt, prepare a citation. 45. DO NOT cut and paste more than 2 sentences per occasion from your textbook and other sources. This helps to ensure that more than 90% of your file is written in your own words. You receive credit for what you write and not for what other authors have written. Assignments with 10% to 25% similarity as determined by Turnitin are within normal expectations. Assignments with more than 25% similarity may lose marks on a pro-rata basis after review by the Instructor. Effective use of “in-text” citations can help to reduce loss of marks. 46. Citations and appendices must be included in the same electronic file as the assignment. 47. Carefully review the instructor’s evaluation table criteria in this document. Submit your assignment in two locations (This earns marks): Dropbox (on Blackboard, via the link in the left-side panel) Turn-it-in (via the link found inside the assignment folder – the item above the assignment outline itself) To submit your completed assignment, review the uploading instructions by clicking on the “Assignments” link in the left side panel on the course main page. This assignment generates 15% of your final grade Prof. J. Jackson AUTO1000 Automotive Business School of Canada CONCEPTS OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

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Summary Exercise Researching Various Industry Companies’ Environments
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