Arizona State University Standing Again at Sinai Essay In her essay, what problem does Plaskow identify, and what is her solution?The source:

Arizona State University Standing Again at Sinai Essay In her essay, what problem does Plaskow identify, and what is her solution?The source:… ISTM 6201
Information Systems Project
Fall 2019
Part I:
Choose Problem area
Choose a problem in an organization that can be solved using an automated
information systems-based solution. The problem and the solution you propose
should be transaction-oriented, i.e., the system should be processing some
transaction data.
In the

introduction to the problem area provide the following:
Description of the organization and/or department
Stakeholders of the existing system
Issues within the organization and/or with the system
Interfaces between this system and other systems
Max. 1250 words (5 pages double spaced)
Part II:
Requirements Analysis
Requirements Determination:
• Describe the techniques you used for requirements gathering and why did
you choose them.
• Who did you collect data from? Was it a sample? Why did you choose
these individuals or groups for requirements gathering?
• If you used interviews, provide transcripts for interviews. If
questionnaires were used, provide copies. Submit copies of any other
documents gathered during the requirements determination process.
(Copies of the questionnaires, interview transcripts and/or documents
should be attached as an Appendix)
Requirements Analysis:
Analyze requirements gathered using the following UML techniques:
• Use Case Diagrams
• Activity Diagrams – Activity diagrams represent work flow within
the organization.
These diagrams should serve as functional specifications for the system.
A narrative should be provided to describe each diagram.
Max. 1250 words (5 pages double spaced) plus diagrams, appendix
Part III:
Systems Design and Implementation
Systems Design:
The following UML techniques should be used to represent the technical
specification of the new system:
• Class Diagrams
• Sequence Diagrams – for the most common scenarios
• State Diagrams – for classes with complex life histories
Provide a narrative (a paragraph) for each diagram.
Forms and Reports:
• Design at least 5 forms and 2 reports for the system
• Form should reflect the main transactions of the system. Do not provide
login screen or user sign up unless absolutely necessary.
• Implementation of the new system will include a prototype of the new or
replacement system. The prototype will be a storyboard including screens
and reports.
• A copy of the prototype should be submitted along with the final

Brief description of testing plans and recommended conversion or
installation strategies. One paragraph for testing and one for installation
will suffice.
Max. 1250 words (5 pages double spaced) plus diagrams, forms and reports.
Deliverables and Due Dates:
Please check syllabus for deliverable dates
Chipotle: New Automated System
ISTM 6201: Information Systems Project
Tuesday, February 24th 2020

Description of the organization and/or department
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., also known as Chipotle, is an American chain of fast-food
restaurants. Starting in Denver, Colorado, on July 13th, 1993, Chipotle has approximately 2,500
franchises as of 2018, spanning in the U.S. and four other countries.
With the growing awareness of a healthy diet in society, Chipotle aims to serve food that
is ethically and naturally produced, using only high-quality ingredients. In 2015, an online
survey conducted by Global Health & Wellness suggested that “88% of respondents stated they
were willing to pay more for healthier foods”(Bellanger, 2018). The ratio was even higher for
Millennials. As consumers opt-in for healthier dining, Chipotle gains more popularity since it
tries to align with its mission of food with integrity. In a ranking of fastest-growing restaurant
chains in 2009, Chipotle was ranked eighth, and in 2010 the third based on the number of
increases in the U.S. In December 2010, Chipotle hired chef Nate Appleman, the winner of
Rising Star Chef award from the James Beard Foundation and “Best New Chef” by the Food &
Wine magazine.
“According to a 2010 interview with Steve Ellis, founder of Chipotle, the company
served over 610 customers”( per day per store among their approximately 1,230
locations in the U.S. In 2015, the number increased to 2,190, and approximately 1.5 million
people ate at Chipotle every day. That was over 685 customers per restaurant per day. Fast as it
grows; however, the waiting time is becoming more of a more significant issue. In most cities
during lunchtime on weekdays, the average waiting time is between 20 minutes and 35 minutes.
In some places, people even have to wait longer. Speed and reliability are just as important as
flavor and ingredient. Some research has shown that burrito lovers might move to a different
“spot if the promised convenient ordering process turns out to involve a long wait”(PYMETS).
Chipotle tried to mitigate the waiting issue by leveraging modern technologies. They started a
mobile ordering service since 2008. In the beginning, it took approximately 45 minutes for an
order to be ready for a pickup, and the time is now close to 12 minutes, even with mobile orders
increasing 41 percent to reach 8.8 percent of all sales between 2017 and 2018. With the
advancements of the kiosks ordering system, Chipotle could make further improvements to its
customer experience.

Stakeholders of the existing system
Who are the Stakeholders?

Stakeholders are the people or groups with an interest in the success or failure of an

Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives and
Some of Chipotle key stakeholders include:
• Employees, from whom Chipotle solicit feedback at town halls. Before town halls, staff
employees can submit questions for senior leaders. Employees can also give feedback to their
team leaders and via Chipotle internal Respectful Workplace Hotline. They can also contact
ethics hotline, Chipotle Confidential, to submit complaints or concerns about business and
operations. Chipotle also conduct a Culture Survey to solicit employees’ feedback.
• Customers, from whom Chipotle solicit feedback in a number of ways. Chipotle provides an
online customer service tool through which anyone can contact us regarding any concern or
compliment. Chipotle also conduct customer satisfaction research via online surveys and direct
customer research surrounding specific launches or ingredients.
• Shareholders, who elect the members of Chipotle Board of Directors and vote on other
important corporate matters
• Suppliers
• Regulatory groups
• NGOs
• Sustainability groups

Issues within the organization and/or with the system
The current system at Chipotle is divided in 5 sections. The first station is where the
customer arrives and chooses from an option of Soft Burrito, Rice bowl or Taco. The second
station is where the customer chooses the type of Rice and meat. Afterwards, the third station is
where the customers choose what kind of vegetables they want. The 4th session is where the
attendant packs the selected meal and gives it to the worker at the cashier. Which gives an average
time of around 11 min for the customer.1 Meanwhile, the fast-food average waiting time is about 5
minutes.2 The waiting line at Chipotle is therefore more than twice the average time. The longer
wait is at the third station where customers have many options to choose from for their vegetables.
New customers or undecided customers can take a long time at this station therefore this can create
some frustration for the customers that already know what they want.
Thus, we suggest a new automated system to reduce the waiting time and increase
efficiency. Chipotle should have screen touch kiosks like found at McDonalds nowadays. This will
reduce the waiting time because new customers might decide to go to the screen instead of making
people wait in line therefore only customers that already know what they want would go through
the stations. Current customers could also use the screens and only wait for their order. This new
process will definitely reduce the queue waiting time. The automated kiosk could also improve the
customer experience as shown by multiple articles, kiosks make the customer more comfortable
because they know they can’t be judged for their choices3. The customers also prefer screens
because it is more convenient, efficient and accurate.
● Interfaces between this system and other systems
There are several design features of a system of equipment that affects or is affected by
features of another system. In the case of Chipotle, a Mexican Grill American chain fast food
restaurant, customer service is one of the most important aspects of the company. The connection
between Chipotle’s systems is detrimental to its business process. In designing Chipotle’s current
food ordering system, the payment system is a system it connects to so that clients can order their
food. In this case, the food ordering system is a system that the payment system interfaces with.
In an attempt to reduce the time spent in line waiting to order food and reduce transaction cost
accumulated through streamline payment systems from Chipotle, credit or debit card payment
system interfaces with the Point of Sales system. The Point of Sale system enhances and
promotes better services with reduced cost. A mobile payment system will help customers get
the opportunity to pay for their orders on their mobile phones. By paying on a mobile phone
Chipotle will save on credit and debit card transaction costs. By introducing a touch screen
interface to help reduce the long lines at Chipotle, orders are more accurate, and time is saved
from standing in line. The touch screen system connects with the payment system.
On the other hand, the online ordering system provides a map for nearby Chipotle
restaurants and helps display real time pricing and tax included. The online ordering system
interfaces with the other systems. Another way to save time and help customers make a choice is
by creating an identification for each customer with their order history. By having their order
history customers could order in a click. This identification system connects with the ordering
system, which in turn connects with the payment system. Another interface will be Chipotle’s
security system where operations are streamlined, and valuable business insights are gained. This
security system interacts with the managerial access control system of Chipotle.
Bellanger, C. (2018, August 28). Influencer marketing and the rise of healthy eating habits.
Retrieved from
Pymnts. (2018, May 21). How Chipotle Manages Soaring Mobile Order Demand. Retrieved
Chipotle Simulation. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Dennis, A., Wixom, B. H., & Tegarden, D. P. (2002). Systems analysis and design, an
object-oriented approach with UML.New York, NY: Wiley
CULTIVATE A BETTER WORLD (2018). Retrieved from
Chipotle: New Automated System
Requirements Analysis
Requirements Determination :
Requirements are detrimental to ensuring the success of a system or project. The
method in which requirements are received are equally very important. The analysis phase is
significant in SDLC because through this phase the team begins to understand what the
customer wants exactly. Because requirements are like the ‘blueprints’ individuals on a
project use to work from, it is important to develop strong requirements. Selecting the
appropriate technique and gathering requirements properly does help in ensuring that you will
not have poor requirements.
As a group we decided to use a questionnaire in our requirement analysis process. A
questionnaire allows an analyst to collect information from many people in a relatively short
amount of time. Questionnaires are one of the most affordable ways to gather quantitative
data.They can be targeted to groups of your choosing and managed in various ways. One of
the most important aspects of gathering information through a questionnaire is the ability to
gather information from a large audience. We were able to distribute the questions to several
contacts that we believe had eaten at Chipotle before. Especially now with the pandemic,
sending questionnaires via email or through texts is very convenient. Finally, through this
technique survey and questionnaire providers are quantitative in nature and allow easy
analysis of results. While using the questionnaire, the questions that were featured are
focused and organized by a feature or project objective. The questions are not too long and
are very straightforward. We asked some questions related to Chipotle because we wanted to
get a general opinion of the customer’s experience at Chipotle. We also asked questions
related to McDonalds and their kiosk because since our idea is similar to what McDonald did,
we wanted to see if the addition of the kiosks changed the customer service experience.
Our results were as shown below:
This shows that all the people surveyed had a reasonable waiting time.
Most people considered Chipotle to have a good service quality. 74% of the people surveyed
rated the speed of the service to be fast, 25% judged that it was moderate speed. When asked
about recommendations for better services at Chipotle the responses were about the menu
(cheaper prices, better variety of choices, prepared dishes), the cleanliness of the fast-food
establishment and the customer service ( one person mentioned “Don’t stress the customer”).
For the McDonald questions, 13 people said they used the kiosk compared to 10 people who
went to the cashier to order. Unlike Chipotle, the people surveyed judged the speed of service
at McDonald to be less fast but still moderately fast. When asked if the addition of the kiosks
at McDonald’s changed their service/ordering experience, people said that it made their
experience more comfortable because they will not be judged and they liked that they could
choose what they wanted without having to converse with someone and risk getting their
order wrong.
Requirements Analysis:
-Use case diagram, detailed narrative.
Use case name: Take request for food
ID number: 1
Short description: This describes how customers can place orders by using the kiosk
Chipotle system.
Trigger: Customer places request to make the ordering process faster.
Type: External
Major inputs
Major outputs
Meal selected to request.
Get receipt
Customer email
Menu options
Store in DB
Restaurant DB
Major steps performed:
1. Install menu on kiosk system.
2. Customer places order by using the Chipotle kiosk system and make payment.
3. Chipotle staff receive customer order and start to prepare it.
4. Provide order to customer

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