ENG 1030 JWU Wk 4 Speech Bill Gates Jeff Bezos Mahatma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela Essay I’d like you to complete a manuscript for my 5 to 6 minute speech. i’v

ENG 1030 JWU Wk 4 Speech Bill Gates Jeff Bezos Mahatma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela Essay I’d like you to complete a manuscript for my 5 to 6 minute speech. i’ve attached the guidelines and the outline you created. ENG1030 Communication Skills
Week 4 Assignment: Informative Speech Project
For this project, you will develop and record a 5- to 6-minute speech that informs
your audience about a person, event, or concept of your choosing. The goal of your
speech is to convey knowledge and share information. You are required to conduct
research for this assignment; your speech must cite at least three credible, up-todate sources.
This project is broken down into three parts:
• Informative Speech Formal Outline
• Informative Speech Speaking Outline
• Informative Speech
Detailed guidelines for each part of the project are provided below.
Informative Speech Formal Outline
As a step toward preparing for your speech, you will be required to submit a formal
outline. Your formal outline should include all of the main ideas and evidence you
plan to use in your speech; however, it should not spell out your speech word-forword. Think of your formal outline as providing the gist of your speech: it should
provide enough information for a reader (like me) to understand your ideas and
how they fit together.
Your formal outline should be written in complete sentences.
Your formal outline should demonstrate how you are using information from three
credible, up-to-date sources to support your speech. With that in mind, your formal
outline must include in-text citations and a Works Cited page that follow MLA
guidelines. For a refresher on MLA format, see Student Writing Support on the
Syllabus & Course Info page.
The template below indicates the information you should include in your formal
outline. Pay careful attention to the notes, which provide further details about what
you are expected to include. Please use this template as you develop the formal
outline for your Informative Speech.
College of Online Education
Johnson & Wales University
Informative Speech Formal Outline Template
Specific Purpose Statement:
Attention grabber:
Note: The attention-grabber could be a quote, question,
definition, startling statement, or very short narrative. A
sentence that states “the topic of my speech is…” is not an
effective attention grabber.
Establish your credibility:
Background information:
Brief preview of main points:
First main point:
Second main point:
Third main point:
Thesis statement:
First main point:
Note: Each sub-point might be a fact, example, quotation, or
other evidence that supports the main point.
Second main point:
Third main point:
Review of main points:
Summary of thesis:
Significance of information:
Remember that your outline should include a list of Works Cited in MLA format.
College of Online Education
Johnson & Wales University
Informative Speech Speaking Outline
You are strongly encouraged to develop a speaking outline for your Informative
Speech. A speaking outline is an abbreviated version of your formal outline that you
write on note cards. Your speaking outline aids your delivery by reminding you of
your main points and sub-points.
Follow these suggestions to convert your formal outline into a speaking outline:
• For each element of your formal outline, replace full sentences with key
words or phrases that will help you remember what you planned to say.
• Include key words that will remind you of your transitions.
• Number your note cards so that you can keep them in order. Consider holepunching them, so that you can put them on a flip ring.
• As you practice using your speaking outline, underline or highlight words that
you want to emphasize in your speech.
You may use 4 X 6 notecards when you deliver your speech; however, you should
practice giving your speech so that you do not need to read from your notecards.
You are not required to submit your speaking outline.
Informative Speech
For this assignment, you will develop and record a 5- to 6-minute speech that
informs your audience about a person, event, or concept of your choosing. The goal
of your speech is to convey knowledge and share information. You are required to
conduct research for this assignment; in your speech, you must verbally cite at
least three credible, up-to-date sources.
Your speech should include an engaging introduction that grabs your audience’s
attention and generates interest in your topic. Your introduction should also include
a specific purpose statement and a thesis statement—the central idea of your
speech. Your introduction should also provide a preview that identifies the main
points of your speech.
The body of your speech should have three main points that are clearly connected
to your thesis statement. You should support each main point with sub-points:
facts, examples, or other evidence. Remember to integrate information from your
research as you develop the body of your speech, and be sure to verbally cite your
sources. Be sure that the sources you cite are credible and up-to-date.
Your speech should end with a conclusion that helps your audience remember the
ideas you presented in your speech. Reiterate the main points of your speech and
remind your audience about why this information matters.
College of Online Education
Johnson & Wales University
Your outline should help you think carefully about how to organize your ideas. You
will want to present your ideas in a logical sequence and use transitional words or
phrases that help your audience see the connection between ideas.
You may use 4 X 6 notecards when you deliver your speech; however, you should
practice giving your speech so that you do not need to read from your notecards. It
is important that you maintain eye contact while you deliver your speech. Being
well prepared will also help you stay on track to meet the time requirement: your
speech should be five to six minutes long.
Please think carefully about how you present yourself for your speech. You do not
need to “dress up,” but make sure that your clothing is not overly casual, as that
can make you seem less credible. Caps and hats can make it difficult to maintain
eye contact and make effective use of facial expressions.
You are encouraged to stand while delivering your speech, if possible, as good
posture can enhance the quality of your speaking voice and convey poise and
confidence to your audience. Make sure that you speak clearly and slowly. Be
careful about using verbal fillers or nonverbal distractions. Remember that your
nonverbal communication matters—use gestures and facial expressions to enhance
your message. Finally, remember that this is an academic exercise and make sure
that your language is appropriate.
For this assignment, you should not use any visual aids.
College of Online Education
Johnson & Wales University
Johnson & Wales University
Formal Outline Speech
Brittney Hoffman
Professor Hatch
Attributes of a Good Leader
Specific Purpose Statement: To inform and educate the audience on the methods for
developing the attributes that can make them lead groups successfully.
Central Idea: An understanding of the attributes of a good leader can help to address some of
the weaknesses that limit their successes at different stages of their lives.
A. What do Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela have in common?
Is it their approaches for speaking to people and encouraging them to strive for their
goals and objective or their effective use of their power and authority over the followers?
B. My studies into the attributes of several leaders who are successful resulted in the three
core characteristics that are discussed in this presentation.
C. Background Information: Leadership is the capacity to lead, inspire, and support groups
or teams to engage in activities or tasks that require the investment of their temporal,
time, and other resources and lead to attainment of a vision.
D. (INTERNAL PREVIEW) Brief Preview of main points:
1. Leaders are visionary
2. Leaders possess integrity
3. Leader are excellent communicators
D. (THESIS STATEMENT) The attributes of leadership are critical to the development of
the professional competencies that people need to succeed in their various careers.
E. (TRANSITION) Therefore, the plan is to use the brief overview of leadership and
examples of successful leaders to explain the core attributes of leadership the people
should develop in their effort to succeed in their respective careers.
A. Vision is the fundamental attribute that leaders require to succeed.
1. Vision is the attribute that enables leaders to identify solution to problems and
inspire followers to implement them. (Zaccaro, LaPort, & José, 22 ).
2. Similarly, it is the characteristic that makes the leader to persevere during difficult
situations and remain steadfast to their attainment of shared objectives.
3. As a result, a visionary leader has a greater potential of successful one than a nonvisionary.
B. Leaders need their level of integrity to inspire and motivate their teams to invest the
temporal and financial resources for success.
1. Integrity is essential for engaging in ethical practices. (Switzer & Switzer 15).
2. Also, integrity is the attribute that helps leaders to make tough and right decisions.
Hence, integrity is the attribute that leaders need to promote fairness and
commitment from the followers.
C. Successful leaders are good communicators.
1. The ability to communicate their vision about the solutions to the problems
affecting the group or organization is essential for the members to understand the
tasks and responsibilities to accomplish them. (Chen, Glass, & McCartney 430).
2. Also, the consistent use of effective communication is required by the members to
preserve and deal with the challenges that they face in their pursuit of shared
3. Therefore, aspiring leaders must endeavor to learn the methods for engaging in
effective verbal and non-verbal communication to ensure their success.
(TRANSITION) It is essential to perform a quick review of some of the major information that
was shared on the core attributes of good leaders.
A. (INTERNAL SUMMARY) The three major characteristics of successful leaders that
encourage followers to work with them to achieve shared goals are vision, integrity, and
communication skills.
B. Also, these attributes are critical for helping people achieve the level of success that they
desire in their careers.
C. Hence, it is crucial for the audience to remember to identify any of the core attributes of a
good leader that they are lacking and strive towards acquiring or improving them to become
Chen, Shuwei, David H. Glass, and Mark McCartney. “Characteristics of successful opinion
leaders in a bounded confidence model.” Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its
Applications 449 (2016): 426-436. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physa.2015.12.107Get rights
and content
Switzer, Jamie S., and Ralph V. Switzer. “Virtual teams: Profiles of successful
leaders.” Analyzing Digital Discourse and Human Behavior in Modern Virtual
Environments. IGI Global, (2016): 1-24. https://www.igi-global.com/chapter/virtualteams/145909
Zaccaro, Stephen J., Kate LaPort, and Irwin José. “The attributes of successful leaders: A
performance requirements approach.” (2013): 11-36. https://psycnet.apa.org/record/201225644-001

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