PUAD750 Ohio State University Leading Government & Non Profit Organizations HW Complete your required reading. Read the rubric. Actively engage in your sc

PUAD750 Ohio State University Leading Government & Non Profit Organizations HW Complete your required reading.

Read the rubric.
Actively engage in your scheduled Meet session.
Begin writing a 5-7 page analysis paper (page length requirement excludes the cover page and appendices). Your paper must include an introduction, running head with page numbers, appropriate headings, and a list of your resources. Adhere to APA guidelines. Your paper should explain and evaluate what happened during the negotiation and apply concepts from the course readings:
Assess your role in the negotiation. Address questions such as:
How would you describe your impact on the negotiation session?
How well did you do in the negotiation and why?
Did you execute your pre-negotiation strategy effectively and did it work as you expected? Why or why not?
What surprised you during the session in terms of your actions or impact?
What did you learn about your leadership style or negotiation abilities?
How culturally competent were you (Explain)?
Assess the negotiation process. Address questions such as:
Why were the group decisions arrived at?
Who was effective in the session and why?
Who was ineffective and why?
What techniques or tactics were used and how did they fair?
Did the session seem to follow the framework set forth in Getting to Yes?
Did the session go as you envision and planned for in your pre-negotiation strategy?
Did there seem to be a wide divergence in the values and ethics of participants?
What surprised you during the session?
What did you learn during the session that you think is important for leaders to know?
How is the issue of cultural diversity and/or competence relevant to the process (for example, were some individuals more culturally competent and how did this impact the negotiation)?
Assess the decisions/recommendations resulting from the negotiation. Address questions such as:
Do you think the results were fair and/or equitable and why?
Who benefits from the decision and who is hurt?
Would you have made different recommendations if it were solely up to you?
What was the ostensible basis or rationale for the decisions?
Were the decisions or options discussed ones you anticipated in your pre-negotiation strategy?
What did you learn during the session about why decisions are made in a political negotiation among diverse participants?
In the assignment Negotiation Strategy Paper you developed a pre-negotiation strategy; include it as an appendix to your paper. Also, include your Negotiation Debriefing document as an appendix.
Submit your paper to Turnitin and review the originality report you receive Shopping Mall Part Simulation
Pre-Negotiation Assessment and Strategy Worksheet
1. Based upon your role, what do you think are your leadership and
ethical obligations?
As the lead in the negotiation the case of disputed development in the
City of St. Joseph, I will play a neutral role. This means that despite of
my feeling on how the area should be developed, I will approach the issue
with an open mind. This will avoid a scenario where I will appear as
biased and jeopardize the negotiations. Besides, taking stances, is
against ethical principles which call for leaders to be neutral when solving
2. How is the issue of cultural competence relevant in this case?
Cultural competence is central to solving the conflict on developing of St.
Joseph Shopping Mall because the parties involved in the negotiation
come from different cultures. Therefore, when solving the conflict, I will
ensure that I understand the different cultures of the parties involved in
the negotiation. This will help in developing positive attitudes which will
be essential in arriving at a resolution.
3. What is your basic negotiation strategy or approach going into the
negotiation and why?
To solve the conflict, I will adopt the strategy of a lead, where I will try to
push for some specific solutions. I will also try to persuade some key
persons to support my suggestions. The decisions is informed by the fact
that if I adopt an open minded strategy, there is a remote possibility of
finding a solution.
4. Complete the Basic Negotiation Preparation Worksheet
PUAD 750
Firstname Lastname
Negotiation Analysis Paper
Due Week 5
0-87 pts.
Development and
Paper does not include
introduction OR
the introduction section
is not fully developed
Paper does not provide
an assessment of
student role in the
The assessment is not
fully developed
Paper does not provide
an assessment of the
negotiation process
The assessment is not
fully developed
Grammar /
Language Usage
Turnitin.com, and
Meets Expectations
88-98 pts.
Exceeds Expectations
99-110 pts.
Paper effectively
addresses the required
Paper thoughtfully
addresses a well-crafted
analysis that;
1. Assessment of
student role in the
1. Provides a strong,
balanced, and critical
assessment of student
role in the negotiation
2. An assessment of the
negotiation process
3. Assessment of
resulting from the
Paper includes an
appropriate introduction
and conclusion
2. Presents a fully
developed, strong,
and balanced critical
assessment of the
negotiation process
3. Provides balanced
and critical
resulting from the
Paper does not provide
an assessment of the
resulting from the
OR it is not welldeveloped
0-11 pts.
The writing is
nominally clear and in
keeping with educated
usage. There may be
several grammatical or
syntactical mistakes
which change the
meaning of sentences or
make the paper difficult
to understand.
0-19 pts.
Meets Expectations
12-13 pts.
The writing is usually
clear and in keeping
with educated usage,
There may be a few
grammatical or
syntactical mistakes
which change the
meaning of sentences or
make the paper harder
to understand.
Meets Expectations
20-22 pts.
Exceeds Expectations
14-15 pts.
The writing is clear and
precise, not vague or
ambiguous, in keeping
with educated usage.
Exceeds Expectations
23-25 pts.
No attempt was
made to follow
APA guidelines.
Document was not
in a reader-friendly
format (e.g., did not
Paper includes a wellcrafted and integrated
introduction and
Citations included
but application of
APA guidelines
was incomplete.
Document was
Demonstrated an
knowledge and
application of APA
Document was
PUAD 750
Firstname Lastname
include headings,
subheadings, etc.)
Document was not
submitted to
turnitin.com OR
necessary revisions
not made.
(e.g., included
subheadings, and
other formatting
Document was
submitted to
turnitin.com. Most
necessary revisions
were made.
extremely readerfriendly (e.g.,
included headings,
subheadings, and
other formatting
techniques that
enable easy
understanding of
Document was
submitted to
turnitin.com AND
all necessary
revisions were
Possible = 150 pts.
Negotiation Debriefing
After passing a unanimous decision, the St. Joseph City Council has asked interested parties in
the negotiations that they work with me the Planning Department to develop a consensual
proposal which will be submitted for approval. This negotiation simulation was a team -based
exercise and there were seven (7) members involved in my team. Prior to the negotiation, the
course instructor emails each member roles and the shopping mall case a week to review our role
and developed a pre- negotiation strategy. This help each of us to prepare for this simulation.
We used zoom with microphone and some having camara on to communicate during the
simulation which make the negotiation more effective. Before we commence to the
simulation, the course instructor who acted as the third- party mediator use 30 mins to present
background information, an overview of the problem and the ground rules. After which I, the
Planning Department being the meeting facilitator took over.
The 7 members consist of:

Associated Neighbors to Tame Intercontinental

St. Joseph Planning Department

Chamber of Commerce Downtown

Merchants Association Eastpark

Eastpark Neighbors Association

Intercontinental Stores, Inc.

Mountain Vista Residential Club
I, the facilitator of the meeting, started by introducing myself as the planning department and
brief the main purpose of the simulation which is to determine whether or not agreement can be
reached on a plan for the old Laurier Golf Course site, which plan may include a shopping mall
development and gave each member 2-3 minutes to present their initial statement after which we
negotiate substantive issues.
Neighborhood Group Proposals and Issues:
Want ISI to donate 10 acres of the site to the City for park and open space
Decrease the size of the mall
Street barriers and diversions to prevent traffic through neighborhoods
Negotiation Debriefing
24-hour security but will consider the standard security if 10 acres is donated for green
Provide free space for affordable childcare not within the mall but outside
Wants free bus from downtown to the mall
Involve with Mall design
Want single family homes
Agreed they do not need property value protection
Chamber of Commerce Downtown
Did not have any issue with the development of the shopping mall due to the following reason:
There will an increase of tax revenue
Help the city to function
Provide job opportunity
Do not want revenue to leave the city
There will more development
Tie downtown to mall so that there will be more choices for consumers / neighbors
Keep revenue -do not want revenue to go to another city
50,000 contribution towards linkage (shuttle) from mall to downtown
Merchants Association Eastpark
Was in favor and at the same time against with the development of the shopping mall
Downtown business to relocate to mall at a discount rate
Linkage from downtown to mall
Want Join advertisement
Wants free bus from downtown to the mall
Spencers and 90 stores creating more jobs and busines (enjoy high sales discount)
Development of the mall will take away business from local business
Intercontinental Stores, Inc.
Agree to donate 10 acres to the City for park and open space but want City to maintain
the green space
Agree to allocate some portion of the site l to develop affordable daycare
Agree to involve the Neighbors in planning of the design
Will support the linkage(shuttle) by paying 50,000 and want city to take one-third of the
cost which is 50,000
Agree to joint advertisement
Negotiation Debriefing
All parties were able to come into agreement for the building of the mall and structure of 20
stories building. Since all proposal/concerns was met there was no discussion on alternative
solution and Moving forward ISI has agrees to have 3 meeting within 2 months at various days
to accommodate working schedule.
Even though each had different proposal, everyone was treated fairly, and each contribute and
came into an agreement to accomplish the goal of this negotiation. So, in my opinion this was a
successful negotiation and a win – win for all parties.
St. Joseph ShoPPing Mall(B)
Eyes OnIy: Planning DePartment
Yogr biggest coocern is getting a real consensus on this project’ City Cormcil members
to the
have made it very clear that they want to look good on this issue and demonstrate
to do
region both that they’re able to build consensus and that St- Joseph is a
use most of the first
the less you
year’s net tax revenue gain as a part of any conseosus agreement. However,
you have been irstructed that you carl consider commitments that
who sees the Council’s
spenO the better the deal will baregarded by the Planning Director
very carefirl
support of this process as undercutting her authority (although she has been
to support the process PubliclY.)
Local lmprovement
The Downtown Merchaots Association should be willing to support a
costs of
Dishict (LID) for the capitalimprovements they want
maintenance. ISI should also put up some money for some of the improvements
neighbors want.
the idea’
There should be a park in this part of the city but the voters have not supported
overYou need to be careful not to use City funds in a malmer that could appeil to be
ruling the will of the votsrs-
You think the shuttle bus is a crazy idea. You might support a trial period but that
probably as far as You should go.
You need very strong commitnent – pubtic aad in writing – from all of the parties
involved before yo., *t” going to take any recommendation to the City Council!
c”r”d. .r’rno” rrm*
fte aJrEr, Ge|aH yy.
egcfi*;e bV keepirlg ib kry
*ffre ef*wric
Hall$ray systern with
fte e)Qress permission of
tedrirg note. Pleae hdp ts prerve
the value
elansrts confdential.
S{hod d Public Affairs’ This
The EteckoIric HdlHy is administered by tie University dWatringrton’s rynk{ J- Evans
For psrvrissirrn’ emajl
rmterial may not be alteed
granted copy permission for
educat”nat trlp.-B per tl” Mereetrs A$eernent (www’haltwav’orq)’
1996 The Elecfronic l-lah*ay
Electron ic
Ha llwaY o
Box 353060 ‘UBiversity of WssLidgton ‘ S€attle
These notes were prepared to move the simulation from discussion of ground rules to
negotiation of the substantive issues. If you have reached agreement on ground rules that
you wish to use in place of the following and which can be applied within the constraints
Lf A” class realities, you may agree to do so- Or, you may wish to use these provisions as
a “single negotiating document” on which to base your firrther discussions.
Purpose of the negotiations
The purpose of the aegotiations is to determine whether or not agreement car be reached
oo u pl* for the old Laurier Golf Course site, which plan may include a shopping mall
The St. Joseph City Council has passed a uuanimous resolution asking that the parties
presently involved in the negofiations work wi& the Planning Deparhent to develop a
proposal that the Deparbnent can recofllmended to the Council for its
approval. iTh” t tuyo. is a member of the City Council and is elected to the position by
the Council.)
Parties to the Negotiations and Definition of Consensus
Coasensus is defined as agreement between the following organizations:
Intercontinental Stores, Inc.
AssociatedNeighbors to Tame Intercontinental, MountainVista Residential Club
and Eastpark Neighbors Association
Chamber of Commerce
Downtown Merchants Association
jr*o fa-no
Rdrl arfrored
fl}e aufpr. Gerald W. Corlnid(
elercise by keepir€ its key elenrents confuential’
Elecbonic Hdtway system with the express Pennissist of
trs prserve lfte value dlhis
tte t€cttirE nob. Pte6e hdp
The Eledrofiic Hallway is admini$ered by the Univwsity of Washington’s Danid J’ Evans Sctrool of Public AJFairs.
psnrission, email
Effinic Hdlway nenrbers are granted copy Fmission for
ptton” {206}
Aucarionat Rrpffi per the Mrr&er’s Agreenent {www.haltwav’orq)’
Cqy.igttt 1996 The Electonic Halhrvay
St. Joseph Shopping Mall(B)
The Planning Deparhent must concur in the consensus and recommend the consensus
to the City Council.
St. Joseph Shopping Mall(B)
Representation and Participation
Each party to the negotiations, inctuding each of the three oeighborhood gloups, may
have two seats at the tabie.
Representatives may be accompanied by such advisors and supporters as they may wish.
Other members of teams or observers may participate in the discussions with the
conclrrrence of the “table.”
Technical Support and Advice
A technical consultant experienced in shopping mall development was jointly selected by
the parties and paid for on a 50/50 basis by ISI and the Planning Deparhnent.
A series of questions were posed to the technical consultant resulting in the attached
Consultant Report. The parties have agreed to accept and use the consultant’s findings in
the negotiations. Additional information will not be available from the consultant within
the time frame of these negotiations-
Third-Party Assistance
Two members of the planning Deparhnen! nominated by the neighborhood groups, shall
act as mediators. If the nominees are not acceptable to the other parties, the members
shall be selected by lot. During these negotiations, the mediators shall not represent the
planning Deparhent or speak for the Plaaniag Deparhnent or any substantive matter.
Time Lines
The time lines for the negotiation and deadline for reaching agreement shall be as
established in the syllabus or otherwise defined by the instructor(s).
Proposals and Issues
A number or proposals and issues were identifred in order to pose questions for the
consultant. They include the following:
Neiehborhood Groups
donate a portion of the site to the City for park and opea space
decrease the size of the mall
street bariers and diversions to prevert traffic through neighborhoods
guarantee there will be no decrease in properly values
minimize noise and light pollution
prohibit special eve,nts 61mall parking area
St Joseph
ShWpAng Mall (B)
2d-hour securityparol
provide frree qpace for child care fu EaIl
involvementirmymall design
Dourqtoum Ms. chanjs Aqsocietion
tkee-block dourntou,nbusiness district
provide city-owned ftee parking lot
fie€ shgttlebrs befiveenmall anddowntown
sveate pedestrian mall througfo
special discount
m space rental if downtown
business€s relocate to the mall
St. Joseph ShoPPing Mall (B)
These findings are in response to specific questions put forward by the parties’
City Revenues and Costs
Projected tax revenue (sales and properff) from the mall is $600,000.
Cost of services related to the mall (fire, public safety, etc.) is $i00,000.
Revenue &om parking meters in downtown commercial area is $50,000-
Cost of designiog and builcting downtown pedesfiian mall with planters, seating zlreas,
beautificatioq etc., is $500,000. Annual cost ofmaintenance is $50,000.
Cost of providing altemate &ee parking on available City-owned land is $50,000
construction and $10,000 for annual maintenance’
Annual cost of providing free shuttle service bus during busiress hours between
downtown and mall ls $iSO,00O, based on a contract $rith the metropolitan transit
Ctrrent appraised value of Laurier site is $1?,000 per acre- Selling price could be
substantially higher, based on the size of the parcel.
The cost ofdeveloping a passive use park (picnic areas and areas ofgrassy open spaces)
be S I 500
on the site would b” upp.o*i**t”1y $?,500 per acre. Annual maintenance would
per acre. It would cost an additional $25,000 to develop a baseball diamond
iootbalUsoccer field and about $5000 annually to mahtain it’
It is estimated that it would take about 25 intersection islands or other bariers at a cost of
cost about
$5000 each to adequately divertfiaffic from the aeighborhoods. Eachwould
$500 per year to maintain.
Shopping Mall Data
The consultant reported that malls of this fype varied from 50 to 75 acres in size.
The cost of constructing undergrormd parking or parking structures is $500,000 for
acre of surface parking displaced.
St. Joseph ShoPPing Mall(B)
Property Value Protection
has escalated
Current average value of the 800 homes in the area is $127,500. Home value
for the past five years. There have been an average of 60 sales
per year over the f,we most recent years.
an average
SYaper year
The cost of an appraisal is $250. Real estate commission is7Yo.
There is no reliable data predicting the impact of a shopping ma1l on surrounding
residential property valuis. The tendency of surrounding land to be rezoned commercial
and escalate in value makes estimations especially difficult’
The followiilg arrangements have been idsntifred in similar or related circumstances:
Do nothing.
Developer agreed to protect property values within the impacted area from any
decrease in property values for a period of trvo years from opening of mallComparisons based on fair market value based on a certified appraisal before
beginning construction. Property owner pays for appraisal. Mall liable for
difference between appraisal and actual selling price, provided home was on
market for at least 120 days and listed by qualified agsnt. Mall would have option
of purchasing property for appraised value less 7o/oteal estate commission’
Same as b. butwith comparative neighborhood identified and developer
to pay at least 807o of any appreciation occurring ia the comparison
neighborhood. Homeowner also resporsible for appraisal in comparative
neighborhood at time of sale.
a five-year period-
Same as c. but
with developer offering guarantee for
Same as d. but
with developerpaying for appraisals’
with developer paying real estate commission where seller certifies
in writing that reason for selliag is the direct result of negative impacts of the
Same as e. but
St. Joseph ShoPPing Matl(B)
Noise and Visual ImPacts
The following costs have been developed:
(Costs are per acre develoPed)
Perimeter landscaping
Noise berms (landscaPed)
Special low-tevet
Annual maintenance costs would be increased by about $10,000. for each of these
Limitations on use and type of commercial activity have also been imposed on some
developmeirts. They include (with estimated annual percent revenue loss):
Prohibit automobile service facilities
Prohibit drive-in restaurants
Prohibit grocery suPermarkets
Prohibit special promotional events
carnivals, etc., oo Parking lot
Community Participation in Design
Typical arraogements for community involvement in the design phase of projects
identifledby the consultant are the following:
Commuaity formally invited to view and comment onplans and designs before
submission for Permit aPProval.
to meet
Same …
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