INF630 Ashford University Cool Widgets Inc Solution Proposal Paper You are the Senior Business Systems Analyst (BSA) charged with analyzing CWI’s mail deli

INF630 Ashford University Cool Widgets Inc Solution Proposal Paper You are the Senior Business Systems Analyst (BSA) charged with analyzing CWI’s mail delivery problem and proposing a solution to address the issue. You have worked hard these past six weeks on elicitation, requirements gathering, modeling, analysis, and Agile techniques. Now, it is time to present your findings and propose a solution to help solve the issue. Your proposal takes two separate forms. The first part is a five –to 10-minute video presentation to executive and senior management, the second part is an eight- to 10-page summary paper that provides the primary findings and the details of your proposal.
Part 1
Cool Widgets, Inc. Solution Proposal Audio Presentation
Your presentation must  include eight to 10 narrated slides to executive board or senior management. In your presentation,

Explain how you formulated the business system requirements based on information elicited from users and stakeholders. 

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INF630 Ashford University Cool Widgets Inc Solution Proposal Paper You are the Senior Business Systems Analyst (BSA) charged with analyzing CWI’s mail deli
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Identify the primary user requirements that were identified using context and the scope of work concept from the text.
Identify your choice of the model used for describing business problem.
Discuss the business system requirements for addressing the problem and include the elicitation techniques you used in the requirements gathering process.

Explain the primary functional differences between the current state and future state using effective communication appropriate to the stakeholder audience. 

Identify diagrams for current and future states.

Explain the solution recommendations using effective communication appropriate to your stakeholder audience. 

Discuss the solution and how it addresses the business problem and user pain points.

Submit your narrated slide deck to Waypoint for grading.
Part 2
Your Cool Widgets, Inc. Proposal Paper is a summary of the primary findings and the methods used to design the proposed solution.
In your paper,

Explain how you evaluated the requirements for developing the solution to address CWI’s business problem. 

Identify examples of the techniques and/or models from your individual and group work.

Explain how you integrated system and user requirements to develop the solution for CWI’s future system state from their current state. 

Attach the diagrams for CWI’s current and future states in the Appendix.

Explain how Agile methods were evaluated and applied to developing the business solution for CWI. 

Discuss an example where you applied an Agile technique to create the solution developed for the CWI Business Scenario.

Explain how you used effective communication with various stakeholders throughout the CWI project.

The Cool Widgets, Inc. Solution Proposal Summary Paper

Must be a minimum of eight to 10 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
Must include a separate title page with the following: 

Title of paper
Student’s name
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted

Must use at least three scholarly sources in addition to the BABOK® guide located in your online classroom and the course text. 

The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. If you have questions about whether a specific source is appropriate for this assignment, please contact your instructor. Your instructor has the final say about the appropriateness of a specific source for a particular assignment.

Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Must include an Appendix with the diagrams and/or examples for each section.

Submit your Final Project (both the paper and your narrated slide deck) to Waypoint for grading.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment. Send Improperly
Delivered Mail Back
to Mail Room
Place in Accounts
Payable Bin
Transport Bin to
Accounts Payable
Open Mail
(Accounts Payable)
Send Payment
(Accounts Receivable)
Process Payment and
Send Receipt
Receive Mail
from Post Office
Place in General Bin
Place in Accounts
Receivable Bin
Paper Mail
Read Address for
Sort Mail by
Department Listed
Receive Mail
from Courier Services
Open Mail
Sort to
Place on Package
Transport Bin to
Accounts Receivable
Determine if
Mail Was
Properly Sorted
Place in Account
Collections Bin
Transport Bin to
Account Collections
Open Mail
(Account Collections)
Place in Executive
Transport Bin to
Executive Offices
Open Mail
(Executive Offices)
Sort Mail by
Deliver Mail to
Recipient’s Office/
Send Payment and
Invoice for CWI to
Department Not Listed
Place in Manual Sort
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Recipient Name
in Database
Recipient Name
Department of
Listed Recipient
Sender Found
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Department for
Recipient Name
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Place in Further
Analysis Bin
Open Mail
Analyze Content
Department Based
on Recipient or
Content Type
Place in
Outgoing Mail Bin
Business Scenario for Cool Widgets, Inc. (CWI)
Cool Widgets, Inc (CWI), is a fictitious collection agency that is currently experiencing
significant growth, which has greatly increased physical mail volume. One of CWI’s long term
strategic goals is to strengthen its brand by streamlining internal operations. To facilitate this
CWI intends to add employees and two new branch offices. However, with the additional
business and projected growth, Cool Widgets needs a more efficient method for handling its
rapidly expanding mail volume.
What, Where & Why:
CWI is in need of streamlining the receipt and internal delivery of mail for accounts payable
(AP), accounts receivables (AR), and account collections (AC). These departments have the
greatest number of manual activities in the organization because most of the physical mail that
comes into the organization ends up in these three areas. The AC and AR departments have the
largest portion of the incoming mail. These two departments are responsible for managing
revenue, processing the payments sent in by customers, and remitting the funds to the client
CWI handles over a 1,000 pieces of mail on a daily basis. The mail includes letters, bank
statements, checks, invoices, solicitations, UPS, Fed-Ex, and courier deliveries. All of these must
be sorted and routed appropriately.
The task of sorting and promptly delivering the large volume of incoming mail is complicated by
the frequent misidentification and misrouting of important mail pieces, such as invoices,
payment advisories, wire confirmations, checks, and money orders. Many of these items are then
delayed, misplaced, or lost in the shuffle. This results in lost revenue, late penalties, and many
customer complaints due to lost payments and/or slow payment processing.
CWI needs to find a way to improve the process and determine the best method for addressing
the issues – this includes looking beyond merely solving the immediate problem. Looking
toward the future is especially important since CWI has plans to expand, and to shift some
operations processing functions to the new branch offices where there will be no physical mail
delivery activities.
CWI’s current expansion plan is to have 200 employees in three processing offices. These will
be located in three states (CA, NY, NV) and connected via a WAN (wide area network). There
are 100 employees in the corporate office in California and there will be 50 employees in each of
the two new branch offices. CWI is also considering hiring remotely located collection
employees in the future as the business continues to expand.
Your Role:
In this scenario you are the Senior BSA in charge of this analysis effort on the mail issue for
Cool Widgets, Inc.
YoungGonzaga, S. (2017). Cool Widgets, Inc. Business Scenario.
Partial List of CWI Stakeholders and Related Parties
(Be aware that this is not an exhaustive list)
1. Sandra – CEO
2. Jorge – COO
3. Sydney – CIO
4. Palo – Collections Manager (AC)
5. Tyra – Mailroom Operations Manager
6. Aaron – Senior Mailroom Clerk
7. Mailroom Clerks
8. Alesha – Accounting Supervisor (AR & AP)
9. Accounting Clerks (AR & AP)
10. Hammond – Collections Supervisor
11. Collection Reps
12. Leslie – Customer Service Supervisor
13. Customer Service Reps
14. Derrick – Marketing Manager
15. Randy – Project Manager
16. McKenzie – Lead Programmer
17. Programmers and other technical staff
18. You (yes, you ) —Senior BSA
Example elements for analysis and consideration:

Frequency of external mail retrievals or deliveries from post office
Frequency of internal mail delivery from mail room sorting to various depts.
Handling of Fedex/UPS/courier/special deliveries
Outgoing mail handling
Volume of outgoing mail
Number of people in mail department
The key players, stakeholders, sponsors
Time constraints for departments that depend on mail delivery
Other departments that rely on mail delivery
The impact of lost/misrouted mail pieces on the CWI’s bottom line
Choke points in CWI’s mail handling process
Current manual processes that could be eliminated with technology
YoungGonzaga, S. (2017). Cool Widgets, Inc. Business Scenario.
YoungGonzaga, S. (2017). Cool Widgets, Inc. Business Scenario.
Keith Martin
Instructor: Tahereh Daneshi
August 13, 2018
▪Recently, with the massive technological advancements, the most
disturbing area in business organizations and specifically in our
organization is keeping up with the rapidly changing technological changes
▪The rate of technological growth keeps happening at an exponentiallyincreasing rate
▪ Technological growth has been occurring over the years, and the current
pace renders capital-investment in technology an asset as well as a
disadvantage in business.
Stakeholder Audience
▪ The main stakeholders in the whole idea are customers, the staff, the
management, government and the community around our organization.
▪Our consumers require to understand all aspects of our business
technology and embrace any changes that we bring on board.
▪Remittance of taxes to the government is technology-based making the
government an interested party.
Other key stakeholders include;
▪Competitors and sub-contractors.
Business Problem
▪With various technological challenges, due to the rapidly changing
technological world, our intention is to create relationships coupled with trust
for stakeholders and all consumers influencing our products
▪We intend to continue cultivating our relationships with all our stakeholders
even as we look into keeping up with technological advancements
▪This will be achieved by ensuring that we identify the requirements and align
them as early as possible.
Proposed Solution
▪ The top priority will be stakeholders who have direct influence on the
business performance.
▪ The problem of technology can be solved through definition of diversity in
the sense that it will foster the expansion of ideals.
▪ We would look at minimizing of unwanted complexities in the
technological advancement.
▪We would then look at our touch points and set ourselves a frequency at
which we change our technology, when embracing current technologies
Interested Parties
▪Interested parties in business and technology include;
1. Service and product consumers
2. The media
3. Supply chains
4. Our employees
5. Shareholders
▪Our employees may not be consumers of our products but they
would want to work with the current technologies.
▪The media are the promoters of products and they are
interested in the technology a business is based on.
Data Commonalities
▪The related departments within the company include: the marketing,
finance and accounting, R&D (research and development), production,
and HRM (human resource management)
▪The data commonalities within these related departments include
research and development data about current and anticipated
technologies, the ways to embrace them, stakeholder involvement, data
access information, and ways of relaying data from one department to
▪Rozanski, N., & Woods, E. (2012). Software systems architecture: working
with stakeholders using viewpoints and perspectives. Addison-Wesley.
▪Wisniewski, M., & Stewart, D. (2004). Performance measurementfor
stakeholders: The case of Scottish local authorities. International Journal of
Public Sector Management, 17(3), 222-233.
▪Johnson, M. P., & Smilowitz, K. (2007). Community-based operations
research. In OR Tools and Applications: Glimpses of Future
Technologies (pp. 102-123). INFORMS.
Future Vision Use Case
Keith Martin
Instructor: Tahereh Daneshi
August 3, 2018
Future Vision Use Case
Use case diagrams are very essential in entities that aim at meeting business needs. Their
main objective is to aid in giving a visual of whatever needs to be accomplished (Frantiska,
2018). The use case diagrams can, therefore, be useful to the organization since they are
presented to the management since they describe various aspects of the organization (Petre,
2013). In this paper, I shall describe a use case that would describe the vision of CWI.
As for this use case, the use diagram is perfect in helping the company achieve what it
aims at achieving. The future use case will be made in a way that will ensure effectiveness since
the entity has laid down various strategies that are best for the entity. The major strategy of
improvement to be implemented is the fact that the entity will create subsystems that would help
ensure effective operations. The subsystems would be consolidated and interlinked to one
reporting system so that effective communication flow is guaranteed. The firm would ensure that
the subsystems support and help solve a specific business problem. The use case in this scenario
has identified four subsystems namely the sales subsystem, marketing subsystem, order
fulfillment subsystem and the customer account subsystem. The order fulfillment subsystem is
mainly concerned with shipping while the customer account subsystem is mainly concerned with
customers. The sales subsystem will ensure that the business realizes its goals by increasing the
sales while at the same time increasing customer retention as well as the brand image. With this
strategy in place, the company can have guaranteed growth and ensure customer satisfaction.
These strategic improvements and proposed changes will go in line with the mission of the
In the future use case diagram, the process herein will involve an interlinking if various
subsystems and user phases in the operations of the business. The use case diagram shows the
subsystems and how they each operate. The sales subsystem works on the basis that the
salespersons are positioned in a place whereby the customer searches for an item. The item
searched is then identified and the customer can view the comments as well as reviews from
various people and other consumers. The consumers can then pick the products that they have
liked and found it best suitable for their needs. After the customers have selected the goods, the
salespeople then help them by offering the said products. They are therefore those individuals
responsible for selling the goods or services to the customers. The order fulfillment subsystem
will work in a way that ensures that the products or services ordered by the customers are
delivered to them on time. Order fulfillment process begins at the stage whereby the consumer
makes an order. All the steps involved in ensuring that the specifications of the consumers are
met is the step that belongs to the order fulfillment subsection. Among the changes to be made
shall also include the customer account subsystem. The process of this subsystem begins by the
creation of the customer profile whereby the consumer can log in or sign in confirming that they
have joined the system. They can then have their own account whereby they can easily see
information or post any information that they deem necessary. The final process in this use case
is the marketing process whereby the product information is added or updated then the
promotional technique or method is also added. The marketing subsystem, therefore, plays the
promotional role in the future case of the company.
The future goals of the use case solution are to ensure that customer service is improved
as well as ensuring that the company maximizes its profits while minimizing costs. The use case
subsystems have been designed in a way that they ensure that the customers are very satisfied
hence ensuring a higher customer retention rate. The subsystems have also been developed to
ensure that quality services and products are offered hence building the reputation of the
company. Another goal of the use case is to ensure that the flow of information in the company
is uninterrupted and of value to both to the company and the customer. If this is achieved, early
detection of errors will be realized hence reduction of costs.
To make the process of designing a use case successful, requirement elicitation is very
essential. In doing so, I applied the principles of elicitation in planning for the requirements that I
would need to ensure that the process is a success. I, therefore, undertook elicitation by seeking
to know what was needed from the users. I segmented the users of the subsystems according to
the respective subsystems available. I then asked each user what they felt lacked and whatever
they felt was needed in coming up with a use case. The first step I took was the requirement
discovery after which I classified the requirements and organizations into various subsystems. I
then set the requirements based on their priorities and finally developed the requirements
Use case diagram
Frantiska, J. (2018). Use Case Diagrams. In Visualization Tools for Learning Environment
Development (pp. 1-8). Springer, Cham.
Petre, M. (2013). UML in practice. In Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on
Software Engineering (pp. 722-731). IEEE Press.
Explaining the Business Problem
Keith Martin
Instructor: Tahereh Daneshi
July 24, 2018
Explaining the Business Problem
Identify the primary business issues described in the CWI scenario.
Cool Widgets Inc. is a collection agency that is currently experiencing tremendous
growth. The company must make changes to ensure that the company can handle the increased
physical mail volume. The organization must streamline its accounting transactions with a focus
on the accounts payable, accounts receivables and accounts collection units. The firm focuses on
the accounts department since it handles most of the manual work with the physical mails. More
specifically, the accounts receivable and accounts payable are responsible for processing
customer payments, remitting funds to clients and generally manage the organization’s revenue.
Another issue for the organization is the automation and privacy of the clients’
documents. Most of the organization’s processes are manual which is tiresome as the firm
handles over a thousand mails per day. The organization must automate its processes which will
increase efficiency in speed, privacy, and accuracy (Willcocks & Graeser, 2013). Cool Widgets
Inc. is also facing issues with human resources management. The firm intends to expand its
operations by hiring two hundred employees to work in three offices that will be in three states.
It is critical for the organization to employ qualified staff and use the right technology to enable
the three branches to work together.
Explain the business problem facing CWI.
The business problem that Cool Widgets Inc. faces is lack of appropriate processes to
manage the increasing number of physical mails. The organization handles over a thousand
letters in a day, and the number is expected to rise with the acquisition of more clients. However,
the problem that exists is that the organization has not automated its processes. This means that
employees must physically sort the documents that vary from bank statements, letters, cheques,
invoices, solicitations, UPS, courier deliveries and FED-ex. The task of physical handling and
sorting of multiple documents is complicated and often accompanied by misidentification and
misrouting of essential materials (Willcocks & Graeser, 2013).
Explain the impact the business problem has on the business, users, and other
The inappropriate strategies to handle the increasing physical mail volume have caused
various problems for the organization, clients, and stakeholders. The misidentification and
misrouting of the clients’ documents often leads to delays in documents such as invoices,
payment advisories, and checks which leads to slow payment processing for clients. Sometimes
the mails are misplaced, and in extreme cases, they get lost. The company faces many problems
due to these inconveniences: late penalties lost revenues and increased customer complaints
(Hammer, 2015). The increased number of client complaints could also be a threat to the
company’s success as customers could shift their interests to companies that are more
convenient. The increased number of mails creates an overload for the company’s accounts
receivables and accounts payable units. Most of the physical mails end up in the accounting
department which is required to process payments and remit funds to the relevant clients. In
addition to this, Tyra, the mailroom operations manager is under constant pressure to get the
documents distributed within one day so that they do not accumulate various days’ documents.
Explain the primary needs a solution must meet and accomplish in the CWI scenario.
Cool Widgets Inc. requires a mechanism that will help them to improve their business
processes. The solution should not only address the current needs of the business, but also, it
should consider the future needs of the organization. A solution for this matter needs to facilitate
the automation of the company’s processes. The increasing number of mails will soon get
overwhelming for the company to handle physically. Automation has many benefits for the
organization in that it will provide a way of sorting the mails according to their types,
destination, and urgency. The accounts department can easily keep track of the capital inflow and
outflow for the organization (Hammer, 2015). The automated processes of the organization will,
therefore, ensure that the privacy of the clients’ documents is preserved and promote timely
delivery of mails. The technology should also incorporate the company’s plan to expand such
that the three offices will be interconnected through the Wide Area Network.
The company intends to open two more branches in California, New York, and Nevada.
A solution to the current problem facing the company should enable the firm to tap key talent in
these new locations. The human resources department must design attractive benefits to
employees so that they can attract highly qualified staff. The huma…
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