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Rewrite and Correct My partner’s peer review . | Homework Writing
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Randa Oraha

English 120

April 25, 2019

Prejudice is Contagious

Zootopia Movie .

“Real life is messy we all have limitation we all make mistakes” (Zootopia). In the movie of Zootopia director Bryon Howard and Rich Moore, brilliantly give the most powerful message of discrimination, they choose the bunny rabbit to be the core of moral presentation of prejudice, discrimination and stereotype. The movie is about the bunny rabbit her name is Judy Hopps her parents have a farm, she is ambitious to become a cop and make the world better. She enters the academy against her family wish and graduate as valedictorian. Judy gets her new job as a police officer in a city called Zootopia where the prey and the predators live in peace and harmony. Judy gets excited about the new job and travel to Zootopia to meet all the different characters of animals in the city, the predators who became civilized and the prey. Judy was appointed to work in the parking to give tickets for those who are not respecting the regulations of parking. She starts her job by trying to teach the animals in Zootopia the morality of not to discriminate. The explanation of her morality against prejudice, discrimination and stereotype is explained by Galen V. Bodenhausen and Jennifer A.Richeson, in chapter 10 in the book of Advanced Social Psychology the State of The Science. In today world and in contemporary society our world today shares Zootopia in many issues of morality, prejudice and discrimination.The behavior of prejudice that leads to stereotype and discrimination is learned behavior from within the group, but in Zootopia argue that our behavior is biological such as the predators they are born to be savage.

Zootopia movie argument is effective because their claims employed ethos. This ethos is presented by the police officer Judy Hopps in each action she takes. The challenge of ethics is shown in the predators who raised above the immoral behavior of being savage killing people and become civilized, which make them to be accepted by the prey and both lived peacefully together, working together other. This might remind us of the African slavery when they were bought and sold and killed if they don’t obey their Masters. But the world changed when the policy changed and the white living in harmony with the African American. The ethos also, shown in the positive stereotype of parents who are sometime over protective of their children or they want them to step in their foot. When Judy tells her parent that she wants to join the academy, her mother tells her “that it is going to be difficult … impossible, even … for you to become a police officer” and her father says “There’s never been a bunny cop … please don’t do it”.Other ethos Judy shows us is in the scene where she gets over her prejudice in stereotyping the predator fox Nick Wilde.When she sees fox Nick her natural enemy and follow him, thinking he is up to something bad, but after they get into conversations she learned that Nick is a victim of discrimination from within his group the predators when he was a child he wanted to join them in the Scout group, they thought he is dangerous. In this scenario Judy shows us the morality of admitting the mistakes and correcting it, she regrets her judgment of being prejudice. She keeps the relation with Nick even after she discovered he is a con artist hustle, teaching him the morality of respecting others, not to cheat on the government taxes, to work with her as a team in chasing the criminals. The movie explores the ethics of today world in racism where the minority are discriminated against them such as in the recent several events of police shooting black people for suspecting them holding guns or even after they surrender they shoot them; it happened in different places in America. Zootopia shows that 90 percent of the population are prey united against their enemy the predators which represent minorities. The prey suspect that the predators revert to their savage way of life and they are dangers because “all from different species but belong to savage family … may be in their DNA” (Zootopia). Because they think predators survive on the flesh on other. But the predators mysteriously were set up without knowingly that the flowers planted for them and was the reason behind their savage behavior, until Judy discovered it and ask Nick to help her to get to the lab of the predators.Anyone take the flower can get savage “a bunny can go savage” (Zootopia). Judy says that “the world is always broken that’s why need good cops”, how powerful this statement to some cops who stereotyped the black most of the time they are suspicious ethnic group, judging them before any prove evidence for the crime.However, the movie reflects our modern society where stereotyping others and discrimination still exists.

However, authors’ Galen V. Bodenhausen and Jenifer A. Richeson argument is effective because their claims employ logo by presenting statistical data and different studies based on theories. They indicate that in a survey about 40% of white American believe that education and income genetically influenced while [yet the consensus among biologists is that race is not a biologically valid construct because human genetic variation is “continuous, complexly structured, constantly changing, and predominantly within ‘races’] (Bodenhausen). As shown in Zootopia that the predators become civilized and lives in harmony with the prey. Nevertheless, still the stereotype and discrimination exist even with Judy who wanted to make the world better place, when someone called her “cute” who is out of the bunny animals, she tells him “Only other bunnies can call us that,” (Zootopia). She felt offended, this kind of stereotype is an automatic stereotype [which occurs much like an autonomous mental reflex. From this respective, automatic prejudiced reactions are likely to prevail unless controlled processes are subsequently brought to bear in reining them in] (Bodenhausen). For instance, when black calls the black he is Negro is less offended if the white person calls the black Negro.Prejudice could be intentional, direct or indirect, when the Chief of the police department assign Judy to work at the parking giving tick and assigned the rest who are male and big body to find the missing fourteen predators, he indirectly telling Judy she is a small tiny bunny cannot do the job of finding the missing animals. On the other hand, could be automatic spontaneous unconscious and non-intentional (Bodenhausen). This could be implied to the situation when Judy was talking to fox Nick about the species of predator and she thinks they are savage because it is in their DNA but she didn’t think Nick is like them (Zootopia).In the contemporary society the racist sentiment is conditioned within the group and reinforced by repetition over time, for example mass media or our parent condition us for certain ideology as presented in Zootopia, Judy parent tells her you cannot be a cop, rabbit works in the farm.In fact still in real life the majority of people thinks women is not capable to be a cop like the men. Bodenhausen explains that intergroup dynamics certainly can set the stage for prejudice and stereotyping, resent research suggests it can occurs early in the childhood. This was observed in Zootopia when fox Nick tells Judy about his childhood painful experience when he wanted to join Scout activities with other children of his kind, he was stereotyped as being dangerous, he was beaten and kicked out of the group.Furthermore, Bodenhausen points out that “the research confirms that stereotypes and prejudice can lead to discriminatory judgments and behavior, as many scholars have theorized”.

Those on the other side of the issue may say that the claim of Zootopia movie is not true and have dangerous implication because the movie is exploring the racism of certain ethnic minority group and very obvious is referring to the black people. Nevertheless, my point still stands because those who disagree with my thesis that prejudice, discrimination and stereotype are learned morality, then they believe that we are born with it which is proven by psychologist that biologically we do not inherit the prejudice, discrimination and stereotype but we conditioned to it by our sociocultural environment such as our parents and the media. Also, they disagree with my thesis and the movie because they see Zootopia is not parallel to our world of today.However, I believe such claim means they are denying the existence of prejudice that leads to discrimination or stereotype or both or they are blind they don’t see what is going today around them. Although there is some progress in this issue but still we have a long way to go.

After all, prejudice, discrimination and stereotype are a learned behavior reinforced over time by our sociocultural environment, it is learned within the group. The prejudice could be intentional to discriminate against another group or nonintentional automatic unconscious spontaneous. The claim of Zootopia movie ethics fits the explanations of prejudice and stereotyping by Bodenhausen Richeson logos. They and other psychologists indicate that racism is not biological, as was presented in Zootopia that the predators were mysteriously set up to use a kind of flowers to make them savage. Finally, we have to learn accept each other and tolerate the limitations of others, teach each other’s by example and we have to start by our selves first.

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